Geoskincare Nanochip Skin Booster Gun free HA Serum 2ml x 4pcs
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Geoskincare Nanochip Skin Booster Gun free HA Serum 2ml x 4pcs
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Starter Kit - geoskincare Nanochip Skin Booster Gun

FREE Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2ml x 4pcs


Nanochip Beauty Instrument

To enhance the absorption of nutrients by the skin and improve the appearance of the skin. A key benefit of the GNB tool is the increased absorption rate of ingredients at the right location within the epidermis that maximizes their effects. Since the GNB nano-scale channels do not go beyond the epidermal layer, it does not reach the dermis where the nerves reside, so there is no pain, bleeding or discomfort. It is safe, painless, and efficient.


To enhance the absorption of nutrients by the skin, and improve the appearance of the skin.



  1. Clean the skin
  2. Put the GNB disposable head onto the applicator
  3. Apply the product to the skin
  4. Switch on GNB applicator
  5. Position the GNB applicator perpendicularly to the skin area where the product was applied to and gently move around over the product (depending on the viscosity of the product, it may create noise)
  6. Gently press the skin until the skincare products are absorbed (no more than 3 times for the same skin area and no more than a 3 second stay at the same skin area each time)
  7. Remove the GNB disposable head from the applicator each time after use



  1. Use moderate strength when initially positioning the GNB tool and gradually find the pressure you are most comfortable with.
  2. Before first use, perform a skin sensitivity test on the inside of your wrist and consult your skincare professional before use if you are unsure about your skin type.
  3. Some people observe skin redness after using the GNB tool. This is a normal phenomenon and the redness will disappear in 2-12 hours without requiring any additional care.
  4. Do not use more than once-a-day. The suggested time to use the GNB tool is once a week. It is best to use the GNB tool just before bedtime to improve the absorption of skin care products overnight.
  5. Hold the GNB applicator and push perpendicular to your skin, pressing with the GNB tool. Do not slid on your face.
  6. Warning! Avoid sharing the same GNB disposable head between different people. It is designed for single use with the same individual only.


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