Sincere Vision Fairy 1Day Select Mode Brown
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Sincere Vision Fairy 1Day Select Mode Brown
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Brand Sincere Vision
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Select by FAIRY is all the rage amongst color contacts lovers in Japan! Mode Brown is a 3-tone, rich, warm-hazel-ish design that instantly revitalises your gaze.



Type Color Contact Lens/Daily Disposable/Daily Wear
Brand Name FAIRY 1DAY
Product Name FAIRY 1DAY Select
Color Mode Brown
Packaging Power and Plano: 10pcs/box
Marketing Approval Number 22400BZX00327A01
Manufacturing Process Molding
Base Curve 8.70mm
Power Range ±0.00、-0.50 ~ -6.00 (0.25 steps) , -6.00 ~ -9.00 (0.50 steps)
Diameter 14.2mm(Diameter of tinted area 13.3mm)
Center Thickness (at -3.00D) 0.08mm
Water Content 38.0%
Dk Value 8
Dk/L Value 10.0
Colorant Phthalocyanine dyes/Azo dyes/Metal oxide pigments
Main Component of Solution Sodium chloride/Buffer
Material Type FDA Group I


Features of Fairy 1Day

Sandwich method means colorants do not come into contact with the eye.
Moderate coloration that shows off your beautiful eyes.
Non-ionic lens that keeps dirt away. 
Low water content that keeps your eyes moist.
Shape-retaining material that is not easily collapsed.


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